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5 Things that Come with a Brand New Home (Besides the House)

5 Things that Come with a Brand New Home (Besides the House)

The keys to a brand new home are now in your hands and you are ready to move in. Finally, all that hard work has paid off and you can live in the dream home. There is so much more about owning a new home that should make you feel pretty good about your purchase.

Peace of Mind

New homes come with builder warranties, safety features, and the chance to have a third-party inspector help spot check any issues prior to move-in. New homes give an owner peace of mind. If you buy an old house, you take the risk of moving into a space that needs costly repairs. Repairing a roof can set you back several thousand dollars. Enjoy the peace that comes with owning a brand new home and rest knowing there is less to worry about.


The foundation of a community are families who live on the street. Wide, tree-lined streets, events, and amenities make it easy to meet new neighbors. Children can build lasting friendships in school or on the playground. Builders spend lots of time designing new home communities that encourage a welcoming and active lifestyle for families that live there. That brand new home is an invitation to jump in and enjoy community.

Free Time

Even if you are dedicated to fixing up and doing it yourself, it can cost lots of time and money which may be better spent elsewhere. A new home is designed for your lifestyle and personality. You will not have to learn how to remove wallpaper or repaint. The free time can be used getting to know the neighbors and deciding what new accessories to buy for your new home.

Lower Utility Bills

A new home is around 30 percent more efficient than homes built only 10 years ago. Modern building practices, better insulation, and energy-saving appliances can help reduce your monthly utility bill.

Great Schools

One of the best features for families who purchase a brand new home is the nearby schools. Since you have control over where you live, you can decide which schools children attend and which school district in which to live. This will help make it easy to set up children for success.

Building a brand new home is a huge investment of time and money but you will not regret it when you realize all the benefits it has to offer you and your family now and in the future.

If you’re ready to build a custom home of your dreams, call Brookstone Homes. We will disclose all the information you need to make the best decision before and during the home building process. Our goal is to leave you a satisfied customer. Call us to find out how to get started.

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