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What is a Patio Home?

Tired of mowing and edging your lawn? Is your two-or-more story home getting to be too much to keep up with? Here at Brookstone Homes, we offer a few floor plans perfect for people looking to downsize into something smaller. Here are just a few of the benefits of moving into a patio home community.

Lower Maintenance

Downsizing into a patio home will free up a lot of your time, since there is little to no exterior maintenance involved. The Brookstone communities’ HOA feature year-round yard maintenance and snow removal, so you never have to worry about shoveling snow, mowing or edging your lawn, hedge trimming or garden upkeep.

Sense of Community

Since patio homes aren’t divided up in quite the same way as a suburban community, and they sometimes have common outdoor areas to share, homeowners spend more time in proximity with their neighbors. Patio home communities are a great opportunity to make new friends and create bonds with your close neighbors.

Retain Land Ownership

Unlike condos or apartments, homeowners in a patio community usually retain ownership of the land their home sits on. While the lot size may be smaller than a suburban home, homeowners aren’t restricted by HOA rules the same way as a condominium when it comes to paint selections, fencing and other property boundaries and personalization.

Lower Price Point

The lower price point of a patio home makes it more affordable for residents looking for home ownership without the hassle of expensive home repairs and lawn maintenance. You also get to build equity with your lower price-point, unlike house rentals or apartments.

Limited Noise

Unlike apartments, townhouses or condominiums, patio homes are typically single-level. This means homeowners never have to deal with movement or music noise, banging or other types of noise pollution that come with having direct neighbors living above or below your space.

We’d love to get started on creating you the custom home of your dreams. Whether you are interested in a premier home design like the Reily or would like to consult one of our architects about other options, we’re ready to help you get started planning your future home. Call us today at (513) 340-7200.

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